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The Orev Unit is part of the Israeli Armed Forces Paratrooper all volunteer brigade. “Orev” (which in English means Raven) is an anti-tank unit specializing in complex and pin-point clandestine missions behind enemy lines. The Orev Unit operates the TOW missile that is used against tanks in combat. The Orev Unit also operates as an elite ground force.

The Orev Fund was founded in 1998 and its name reflects more than anything the unique makeup of the Unit. The Orev mission is to preserve and promote the heritage of the unit for generations to come. The Fund also serves as a living memorial to fallen soldiers of the Unit and is an out-stretched hand between active and reserved duty soldiers and bereaved families.

The current Chairman of the Board is Bonnie Levron, whose brother Ilan Mentz (may he rest in peace) fell in the line of duty 30 years ago serving as a paratrooper in the IDF.
The special goal of the fund today is helping soldiers of the unit in their active service which includes providing them with extra special gear and equipment. The Fund is working to build a club house at the Orev Base which will serve as a recreational facility to be enjoyed by soldiers of the Unit.

In addition the Fund assists lonely soldiers (soldiers that have no family in Israel) and soldiers who are in need of economic assistance or emotional support.
As the motto goes “once a paratrooper always a paratrooper". This is the way of the IDF paratrooper which is based in the spirit of volunteerism and comradeship.

We reach out to all family and friends to help us achieve our goals and to be part of the Orev Paratrooper Family. Your donations and assistance help us keep our boys safe.

Donations can be made via checks to:
12 Sapir Street Neve Monoson, Israel 60190
The IDF Paratrooper`s Orev Family Fund
C/O Ms Bonnie Levron

Or bank transfers to:
Bank name: Israel Discount Bank LTD
Branch name: Rothschild BLVD Tel - Aviv
Account number IBAN: IL31 0111 0000 0008 4154 405
Beneficiary`s name: Paratroopers Association
Beneficiary`s Address: Levron, Sapir 12, Neve Munson 60180 Israel

All donations will receive a receipt from the Orev non-profit organization and of course a special thank you for your support.
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